The company “Khitchateli” is Georgian fruit brand that unites the unique orchards - 50 acres of apple and 5 hectares of different species of plum. “Khitchateli” orchard is located in the region, where there is a particularly delicious and aromatic fruit harvest. The fruits are planted in Georgia on carefully selected ground, where the climate and soil is ideal for the abundant and the harvesting crops

More than 20 species of apple are represented in our orchard, where all the natural and technical conditions are available to obtain al flawless crop. Our qualified agronomists are constantly carefully caring for the fruit. The quality of apple and plum is controlled topically and then modern technologies allow the fruit to retain the unique taste/properties, freshness that harvest has on the very first day of receiving crop.

“Khitchateli” is equipped with modern equipment and refrigerators, where the ideal conditions for storage are protected. Big part of orchard is reserved for the netvantage shade. Permanent surveillance is underway at the fruit storage process. The enterprise has a unique fruit storage unit, which is the only one on the territory of Georgia.

„ხიჩატელის“ საწარმო აღჭურვილია თანამედროვე ტექნიკით და მაცივრებით, სადაც შენახვის იდეალური პირობებია დაცული. ხილის შენახვის პროცესზე მიმდინარეობს მუდმივი მეთვალყურეობა. საწარმოს გააჩნია ხილის საკრეფი უნიკალური დანადგარი, რომელიც ერთადერთია საქართველოს ტერიტორიაზე.